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FFBE Killer Buff List and Gear Finder

FFBE Killers is a quick reference tool, unit buff list and Killer Gear Finder. It is designed to help you find the most effective damage boosts to specific monster types in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.


Discover killer buffs you never knew existed!

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Why are killers important

Killers are damage multipliers that add extra damage to your attacks when you land a hit on a specific race. The killer damage boosts on gear can range from 50% - 100%. Killers can be found in equipment and abilities acquired in the game.

When to use killers

Experienced players like to utilize killers in place of normal ATK and MAG percent boosts. Killers can provide the extra power needed for specific trials—especially when units reach their damage cap.

Find the extra power boosts your team needs with the FFBE Killers List and Gear Finder.

Boss List by Race

The current races with applicable killers are for Bird (aka Avian), Insect (aka Bug), Beasts, Demons, Aquatics (aka Aquan), Undead (aka Reapers), Dragons, Machines (aka Machinas), Stone, Plants, Human, Spirit(aka Faeries)

Search for killer equipment and materia abilities

It is very easy to find the killers you need. All you need to do is tell the Killer Gear Finder what killers and item type to search for by hitting the desired buttons in the form to the left.

How do I use the FFBE Killers?

  1. Choose an item type. Available options are Equipment and Materia (abilities)
  2. Choose the damage you are looking for. Available damage is physical or magic.
  3. Select the primary killer race. To provide you with a more grandular search, only one primary killer is enabled.
  4. If you selected equipment, choose all the weapon types you want listed. Multiple choices are allowed.
  5. Click submit to retrieve your results.

How do I get these killers

After you submit your query, you will be presented with a list of available killer gear or materia abilities. Each result will have details relevant to the item, such as an image of the item, killer boost percentage according to damage type, where to get the item, unit sprite for TMR/STMR, and more.

The information you get from FFBE Killers will empower you with the knowledge to find the items inside the game.

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