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About FFBE Killers

FFBE Killers is a fan made reference tool designed to provide information to players to help them find gear and abilities with speficic monster damage boost attributes. The web application references data from the highly popular Final Fantasy Brave Exvius mobile gacha game.

About the Developer

I am a long time player of the best mobile gacha game in the world-Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (FFBE). I am also of a fan of the Final Fantasy series who loves the nostalgic turn based battle system that is recognized by every Final Fantasy fan.

Aligning with the game, is a very healthy and wholesome reddit community that provides additional context to make FFBE exceptional. This community is the soul of the game—without it the game would be too complicated for some players.

My passion for this game and community has led me to develop this app that searches and filters out specific items that race specific damaging boosting attributes to help fellow players prepare for battle.

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