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BeastPhysical 25%
AvianPhysical 25%
AquanPhysical 25%
PlantPhysical 25%

Weapon Stats:

ATK: 110


Type: KatanaSlot: Weapon

Weapon Element:



Increase physical damage against Beasts by 25%

Increase physical damage against Avians by 25%

Increase physical damage against Aquatics by 25%

Increase physical damage against Plants by 25%


An ice blade with a beautiful edge. It looks as if it was directly carved out of solid ice, but the blade is actually made of crystallized ice magic, which is then honed like any other metal. The blade emits chilling magic, and a single swipe will send shards of ice flying through the air. A single nick from this blade will begin to freeze those struck from where they are hit.


How to obtain

TMR Erwin


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