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Grand Star

BeastPhysical 20%
BeastMagic 20%
AvianPhysical 20%
AvianMagic 20%
AquanPhysical 20%
AquanMagic 20%
InsectPhysical 20%
InsectMagic 20%
PlantPhysical 20%
PlantMagic 20%
HumanPhysical 20%
HumanMagic 20%
MachinePhysical 20%
MachineMagic 20%
StonePhysical 20%
StoneMagic 20%
DemonPhysical 20%
DemonMagic 20%
DragonPhysical 20%
DragonMagic 20%
SpiritPhysical 20%
SpiritMagic 20%
UndeadPhysical 20%
UndeadMagic 20%

Weapon Stats:

ATK: 25 DEF: 25 MAG: 25 SPR: 25


Type: AccessorySlot: Accessory


Increase physical and magic damage against Humans by 20%

Increase physical and magic damage against Machinas by 20%

Increase physical and magic damage against Stones by 20%


An accessory infused with the power of light. Its brightness is similar to that of light emitted by the stars, and contains magic powerful enough to bring all living creatures to heel. It may only be held by those who have been deemed worthy by the Master of the Chamber of Arms, Warden Welter.


How to obtain

Mission Reward Chamber of Arms - Welter the Beholder


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